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The official WeChat of Fareast Group is launched
"FAR " is the only official Wechat platform of Fareast Group (Wechat ID: Fareast_ln), we will immediately publish the enterprise and industry information of Fareast Group ,and provide related information query and functional services, welcome friends to add and pay attention to, interact and contact with us.
2015 Annual Summary Commendation Conference
On February 6th, Fareast Group Haicheng Branch Company held 2015 annual summary commendation conference. Company leader ZhouYuanpeng, ChenWenfang, WangZhengrui, ZhuShigang,WangSong,etc attended the conference. The conference was directed by ZhongTianlong minister from Integrated Management Department.
The new annual meeting got a complete success in 2016
"Meeting in Fareast, painting blueprint, assist the grand occasion, new crossing", 2015 has left us with firm steps, and hopeful 2016 is walking slowly, in the new festival days, the 2016 new annual meeting was held in Haicheng branch company on December 31st, 2015. Special guests and colleagues from different divisions of the company celebrated in a happy, peaceful, warm atmosphere for the glory of the Year of Goat.
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