The new annual meeting got a complete success in 2016
Miss Wu

"Meeting in Fareast, painting blueprint, assist the grand occasion, new crossing", 2015 has left us with firm steps, and hopeful 2016 is walking slowly, in the new festival days, the 2016 new annual meeting was held in Haicheng branch company on December 31st, 2015. Special guests and colleagues from different divisions of the company celebrated in a happy, peaceful, warm atmosphere for the glory of the Year of Goat.

With jubilant Good Start performance, the 2016 annual meeting kicked off. 


Then the programs are to let all the people in anticipation of singing, dancing, are made by Fareast Group staffs, fully display the staffs dynamic passionate. Use songs to express deeply bless to the times, enterprise, friends, to feast the audiences’ eyes. Keep the entire party atmosphere to a climax, both the guests and the hosts are thoroughly enjoying themselves. 


In the party, in recognition of hard work staffs in this year, selected "best performance" and other awards, and awarded honorary cup. 


There is an exciting prize draw in the party, company set up all kinds of rich prizes, everyone was eating a splendid dinner when receiving lucky visit from time to time, the link of prize draw made everyone feel excited.


Finally, as a piece of Cool creative lightning dance, the whole annual meeting ended in a harmonious, warm and happy atmosphere. Cheers like a song, laughing like a dream, happy time is always short, hours of New Year party came to a close. Everyone enjoyed himself so much as to forget to leave, heart filled with gratitude, to say goodbye to 2015, loaded with hope, looking forward to getting new glory in 2016! 


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