Real Estate Development

Anshan Hongyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd. was established in June 2010, business scope is commercial real estate, tourism real estate development, sales, rental, property management service, decoration, real estate information consultation, etc. The registered capital is one hundred million RMB.
Since2008,our group has nearly 200000 square meters of commercial real estate development.At present, is building the Yushui longting, the ZhongYuan lingxiu.With excellent geographical location, high quality materials, advanced design idea, elegant style and the advantages of large green coverage, will become Anshan property and a culmination. Group management goal is to create the urban construction and economic development of a number of "first", build the best urban residential environment. To create the best living community environmental health, make the enterprise economic strength among the best in place, for the party to contribute to the development of urban economy. Compared with the general
residential, the characteristics and advantages of tourism real estate is that it is seamless grafting, tourism and real estate industry has better natural landscape, landscape architecture, also has the perfect supporting functions and high investment value.

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