Steel Trade

Anshan Fareast Plate Co., Ltd., is the earliest steel trade enterprise in Fareast Group, is also the starting point of the Fareast Group into formalization. More than 20 years of hard development, steel processing and trade has become the core business in the group development, operating steel specifications are more than 200 kinds, steel sales network is widely in domestic cities, has successively set up steel processing base in Anshan, Shenyang, Dalian and other cities, 17 steel processing production lines, steel processing and sales amount reaches to 800000 tons, plate branch has become excellent steel designated suppliers for Dalian shipyard, Jinbei Co.,Ltd.,Wafangdian Bearing Factory, and many domestic large and medium-sized private enterprises

Steel trade processing –hot rolled coil plate processing

Fareast steel trade set up companies and processing production lines in Shenyang, Dalian, Anshan and other areas, rolling a variety of Anshan Iron and Steel, Benxi Steel, Tong Steel and other steel hot rolled coil plate, medium plate, ship plate, and has eight advanced rolled plate processing production, sales area covers the three northeastern provinces.

Steel trade and processing - medium shape steel rolling

Medium shape factory mainly produces products auto leaf spring, automobile wheel supporting spring flat steel, auto wheel rim steel and market selling bearing steel, rim steel, round steel, angle steel, channel steel, square steel, etc. medium shape steel. Bearing steel annual production amount is 50000 tons, annual sales amount is 350 million.

Steel trade and processing - medium shape steel rolling

Our factory is equipped with 3 domestic advanced MCJ – 1A type efficient automatic control gas producers ; Φ, 520, 450 x 3 Φ unit, adopts the bearing type roll system at the same time; Adopt the most domestic advanced double traction step cooling.

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