Haicheng Fareast Mining Co., Ltd. covers an area of 860,000 square meters, the length between east and west is 3.5kilometers, the wide between south and north is0.6kilometers, delineated by 11 turning points line connection. Mining underlying belongs
Lower Proterozoic, Liaohe Group Dashiqiao three sections of the ground floor, heating account deposit is sedimentary-metamorphic minerals, natural type of ore attapulgite type, pure magnesium, fully crystalline magnesite bed. Mining is 398 meters above sea level, exporting mining to 100 meters from top to bottom has been found that the mineral resources reserves are 65 million tons; Including the magnesite reserve is 55 million tons, stripping rock volume is 14 million tons, stripping ratio is 0.255 T/T; first, second and third and fourth are respectively 20%,25%,34%,45%.In proportion, calculated that unexplored reserve is about 100 million tons.

Magnesium stone

The main component of magnesite is magnesium carbonate(MgCO3 ),
Hardness is between 3.5 and 5. Origin is in Zimbabwe, Brazil, Australia and China. Magnesite is not easy to form a good crystal, usually in the shape of rock.
Applications: refractory materials, building materials,
Chemical materials, and refine metal magnesium and magnesium compounds.


Talc is hydrothermal alteration minerals, the rich magnesite often becomes talc by hydrothermal alteration. Talc is a kind of common silicate mineral, it's very soft and has a smooth hand feel. The talc has a lot of applications, such as refractory material, papermaking, rubber filler, pesticide absorber, leather coating, cosmetic and sculpture material.

Potassium feldspar

Potassium feldspar ore is high volume, most widely distributed, the largest reserves of non-water soluble potassium resources. Mainly used in glass, ceramics, also used for making fertilizer, better quality of K-feldspar is used for manufacturing TV imaging and glass bulb.

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