Magnesium processing

Haicheng Dongge Magnesium Industry Co., Ltd. Haicheng Dongge Magnesium Industry Co.,Ltd. is a collection of production, sales, research and development for magnesite products enterprise. Our company is located in PailouTown, Haichengcity. Liaoning magnesite new material industry base is in the core area, rely on the rich resource of magnesite, build a base for further processing of domestic top magnesite. In 2005,company invested 200 million RMB, the factory covers an area of 100000 square meters, construction area is 50000 square meters, the number of staffs is 396.

Main products are fused magnesia, high, medium and low-grade light burning powder, dead-burned magnesia and high purity magnesia, Now it has electricity capacity of 35000 KVA, 12 sets of transformers , 2 sets of substations, 12 sets of electric smelting ovens,10 sets of further burning kilns , 24 sets of light burning kilns. The production scale and process are both domestic leading level, the physical and chemical indicators have reached
or exceeded the international standard. The company hold on the principle of reasonable and efficient, make full use of magnesium resource, providing high quality products for metallurgical industry

Calcined Magnesium

Uniformity burned, stable quality, good activity, wide use. It is widely applied to refractory materials, papermaking, chemical engineering, rubber,
building materials and stock farming, etc.

Dead-burned magnesite

The dead burned magnesite produced by our company with good sintering ,stable quality, low phosphorus, low sulfur and other characteristics, is the ideal material for production of magnesia refractory brick and bulk material.

Fused Magnesia

The fused magnesia has the properties of big crystals, compact structure, good high temperature performance
Strong slag-resistant, is the high quality raw material for production
of magnesia refractory and brick and bulk material.

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