2015 Annual Summary Commendation Conference
Miss Wu

Fareast Group Haicheng Branch Company 2015 annual summary commendation conference was held on February 5th, 2015 in Haicheng development district, the conference about the group's production and business operation and makes a summarization on financial operation, etc for the past year; arranged the focus of the work this year. Company leader ZhouYuanpeng, ChenWenfang, Wang Zhengrui, Zhu Shigang, WangSong attended the conference. The conference was directed by ZhongTianlong minister from Integrated Management Department.

Chief executive of the conference, Mr ZhouYuanpeng delivered a speech about company strategic positioning, combined with industry development situation, then the core business, and newly development business bigger and stronger brand. 
Finally, the general manager pointed out in his speech that through the unremitting efforts of recent years, we have been standing in a new starting point, facing the new situation, new goal, new task; we must seek new goals and challenges in the spirit of the new state, new management concept, new working measures. All staffs must be closely around the core of "efficiency first, science and technology leading" development philosophy, don't shake, don't slack, don't toss about, to complete each work solidly, which makes the new development. 
General manager stressed that the core of the implementation of "efficiency first, science and technology leading" development concept, must strive to implement intensive development, innovation and development. To promote the building of system, through process reengineering and standardization work, improving the scientific level of company operation in all ways. To strengthen the ideological and political work and enterprise culture construction, through carrier of thought education and the colorful cultural activities, create a positive endeavor, civilized and harmonious working atmosphere; enhance staffs’ sense of honor, security, centripetal force and cohesion in the enterprise. 
General manager also pointed out that the company development will benefit the staffs, the development of the people is in the centre of our development, the company adhere to the principle " efficiency first and balance equity ", the company will meet the needs of staffs in all aspects in material and spiritual, boost staffs' individual value realization with vision mission to achieve perfect unity. 
General manager required all staffs cognize situation earnestly, firm the confidence, overcome difficulties, full of pride, to complete and strive for aim and task of company in 2013. 
Commended the advanced collectives and individuals who made outstanding achievements

In each department.

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