The official WeChat of Fareast Group is launched
Miss Wu

The official Wechat of Fareast Group is launched!

"FAR " is the only official Wechat platform of Fareast Group (Wechat ID: Fareast_ln), we will immediately publish the enterprise and industry information of Fareast Group ,and provide related information query and functional services, welcome friends to add and pay attention to, interact and contact with us.

More than one reason to fall in love with the Fareast

Our wechat website includes "Long history", " Broad vision and wise views" and " Widely push and search" three parts, let you understand Fareast in all aspects. Now let me take you to experience the latest and coolest of our wechat website in advance.

Long history

Tired of the tedious and boring company profile?
Click on the menu of 【 90 seconds to read the Fareast ,
With the help of a lively and interesting HTML5 page,
90 seconds to appreciate the beauty of the Fareast with you!
Although the Fareast has more than 20 years of history, rich category information,
Never with cold terms to explain these to you.
Fareast time machine, and then just use a finger lightly across the page,
The vicissitudes and prosperity, thinking and exploration, science technology and innovation of Fareast ,
Will show in front of your eyes. Let us listen to his story together.
Do you want to quickly understand the Fareast leadership team?
Would you like to see the partners struggling to grow in such a positive energy family?
Click on the menu,
I 'M FAR you can find!
You can also enjoy the wonderful announcements of the Fareast!

Broad vision and wise views

Deep corporate culture

Interesting core values schema

Want to quickly know the business scope of our company?

Want to know our products within a short time?

Click on the [product map] will not be wrong!

Products information.

Widely push and search

Want to join the Fareast and be one of us?
Then go to【 dream express 】and  fill in your personal resume.
Have words to say to leader?
"Secret doctrine" can help you achieve.
Want to find our each big office of Fareast group in Liaoning province?
Only need to gently click "everywhere",
Easily obtain address and telephone.
Don't want to make a phone call? Fareast customer service will serve you with QQ online for 24 hours. After introducing so much by XiaoXiao, are you also can't wait? Come to experience Wechat website new features together, and have a small tour for Fareast with writer together!
Simply scan the two-dimension code below, or search Wechat ID "FAR Group", can find us.

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